Our Mission

Our Aim is to close Pata Zoo, which is located in a 36 year old Shopping Centre and to relocate and rehabilitate its 200 animals, including the female Gorilla BuaNoi. All the animals have been kept in unnatural environments which have fallen short of International standards for many years.

Our Urgent Objectives in 2020 are to follow-up on:

  • RELOCATING the only living in Thailand gorilla Buanoi to Aspinall Foundation gorillas sanctuary – to be gorilla and live with other gorillas. We have an intention letter from Daniel Aspinall, expressing readiness to accept Buanoi under his care and offer gradual behavioural and adaptation program. In reply to Mr Kanit Sermsirimongkol (owner) – we don’t send Buanoi to wild. The cost of transport is to be covered by NGOs supporting this mission. What is missing? Mr Kanit Sermsirimongkol YES decision. For other animals, just mention few – orangutan Pangpong, his mom Porn, monkeys, macaques and gibbons, we are looking for the suitable sanctuary in Thailand.
  • EXECUTING the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums (WAZA)’s Resolution from 25 October 2018 “WAZA passed a resolution to help improve welfare and husbandry standards at the Pata Zoo, as it works with Thai government officials to close the zoo as soon as possible
  • CHANGING law by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment to stop renewing PATA ‘zoo’ license by The Department of National Park Thailand

About www.freegorilla.org campain:

What we have managed to achieve in 2020 is to build strong collective of organizations and individuals campaigning for Buanoi. We are all collaborating closely now and this is our strength. We have local individuals in Thailand – Sinjira Apaitan (singira@hotmail.com TH/EN) and myself Joanna Sobkowicz (jsobkowicz@gmail.com EN/PL). We’ve built freegorilla.org website with an intention of having single repository of updates, press coverage and media (photo, movie, book). We are working hand by hand with amazing organisations: FreeTheWild co-funded by Cher, Jane Goodall Institute and Freeland supporting us closely. We are strong thanks to working together for Buanoi now.


Today Buanoi exists – she walks around the cage, eat and sleep. She can exist like that and die like that. Can we change it? Yes. What we want for Buanoi is to stop existing and start living, exploring and gradually becoming part of gorillas group. We want Buanoi start being gorilla. 98pct of her DNA is similar to human’s DNA. Whatever we need every day, me and You is what she needs as well. We have solutions and place to give Buanoi life and family – Aspinall Foundation Sanctuary. What is missing – owner decision. Join us, follow us and be strong Buanoi voice.

Thank You Cher, Gina, Mark and FreeTheWild Team for beaing Buanoi voice!

“Kanit Sermsirimongkol, Pata Zoo’s owner, needs to wake up and realize that there’s nothing entertaining about seeing animals suffering in decrepit conditions behind bars,” PETA’s Jason Baker